Healthy Grooming

Healthy Habits For Kids

The healthier you live, the longer you live. It is a great quote which we all must apply in our daily lives. For that, as a parent you must teach your kids good healthy grooming habits which not only makes him independent but, also makes him smart and confident to face everything. 

The importance of the healthy grooming habit’s is for your child’s body, which usually has issues like skin problems, scalp issues, dental pain, cleanliness and managing body odor while playing outdoor games. Personal grooming for toddlers, preschoolers and young grade schoolers includes washing hairs with a mild, tear-free shampoo, and brushing. As your child grows, explain that washing his hair regularly can help to make it less oily and keep it smelling fresh.

You need to teach them the basics of dental hygiene. Start brushing your child's mouth with a clean washcloth even before they have teeth. When your child gets old enough to start handling their own

toothbrush, help them to understand how often and for long they should brush. 

As your child gets older you may begin to notice a not-so-faint body odor. While there's little reason to teach your younger child body odor basics, your tween needs to know the facts. Body odor during the teen years comes from a combination of an increase in sweat gland activity and hormonal or chemical changes. Teach them the basics of odor control by encouraging her to shower every day, using soap or a body wash. You can also help her to choose an antiperspirant or deodorant/perfume to take care of underarm odor.

Kids could opt for baby care products like skin creams, extra gentle shampoo for hair and use perfume for body odor with burst of strawberry or orange extract with beautiful fragrance in it. 

Caution should be maintained while choosing perfumes and other products for the children. It’s always better to go organic products with wonderful smell of herbs and flowers. The sweet smell would entice the children to use them and keep them fresh and alert. 

While picking products for kids check for presence of natural extracts and essential oils and also ensure it is dermatologically tested to be safe for children. Such products would maintain the smoothness and softness of the skin and cause no harm to their sensitive skin. 

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