Cuts, Wounds & Bruises

First Aid

Children often hurt themselves while playing outdoors or come to you complaining about a cut,wound and bruises on their skin due to a sharp object. At times, they may bang against a hard surface, which bruises their skin, leading to a painful, purplish swelling. While you cannot restrain your kids from enjoying their childhood, you can certainly take measures to provide timely first aid and adequate care to your wounded child.

How to Administer First Aid?

If your child has got a wound that bleeds, immediately use a washcloth to apply pressure to the wound until the blood stops oozing out. Next, you need to clean the wound with warm water. You can dip another cloth in warm water to clean up the wound and the area surrounding it, or you can let warm water run over the wound to clean off the debris, glass cutting, or any other external material.

Once it is clean, you can apply an antiseptic cream on the wound, and later seal it with a bandage. In case of severe injuries, you need to take your child to the doctor or the hospital. Nevertheless, do not delay in administering the first aid measure. First aid can significantly minimize the damage done to your child whether through a minor wound or a major injury.

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